WESTWOOD T40 Garden Tractor c/w 38" XRD Deck Expand

WESTWOOD T40 Garden Tractor 2WD c/w 38" XRD Deck

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WESTWOOD T40 Garden Tractor 2WD c/w 38" XRD Deck

A feature packed garden tractor for gardens of around one acre

The T40 is a fully specified Westwood with a single cylinder 546cc Ariens engine. With a 97cm (38”) XRD cutter deck, the T40 is perfect for gardens with around one acre of lawn to cut or where there are specific limitations for access.

The T40 features a power take-off. This allows you to drive accessories such as the Powered Grass Collector, Broadcast Spreader or Snow Blade.

T Series

Nothing comes close to the finish achieved by a Westwood T Series

The T Series is a firm favourite with many British gardeners. The core benefits of cutting and collecting in the wet, striping a lawn and the use of a machine for 12 months of the year make the T Series the tractor of choice for thousands of customers.

Like all Westwood tractors, a T Series is built to a much higher specification than most ‘ride-on lawnmowers’. It’s extra-tough. With a heavy-duty steel chassis, cast front axle and reinforced cutter deck, a T Series is designed to handle the rigours of hard work – day in, day out.

Features & Benefits:

Ariens 546cc engine

The T40 lawn tractor features a highly reliable, single cylinder 546cc Ariens engine.

  • Displacement: 546cc
  • Net Power (3580rpm): *11.5kW* * Max Net Torque: *33.2Nm2800 rpm*
  • Bore: 91mm
  • Stroke: 84mm
  • RPM: 2900
  • Engine Oil Type: 10w30
  • Engine Oil Capacity: 1.6 litres

This engine is fitted to the following model”

Dashboard Display

Regularly used controls at your fingertips

Dashboard display – runiing hours, cutter deck and Powered Grass Collector status indicators visible at all times.

Westwood T40 garden tractor dashboard display

Cast front axle

Found on the T and F Series, the heavy duty cast axle adds strength where it’s really needed on the tractor, enabling it to withstand the stresses of uneven terrain.

It’s been designed with commercial-style, tie-down points for safe transportation on a flatbed trailer.

Countax garden tractors are built to last with a heavy duty steel body and cast axle

Electric power take-off

T and F Series tractors feature a push-button controlled power take-off. Operators can choose from three PTO modes:

  • Position 1 engages the cutter deck only – perfect for rough-cutting without collection.
  • Position 2 switches on both the tractor and the PTO to drive the Powered Grass Collector – there is no separate lever or control required.
  • Position 3 will operate the PTO only – ideal for driving powered accessories such as the broadcast spreader or scarifier.
All Countax garden tractors feature a power take-off for running accessories

Single pressed steel body

Found on T and F Series tractors, the single pressed steel body is a stronger and more durable alternative to a traditional fabricated unit.

It has been specifically designed to reduce water collection points and has been tested to withstand over 500 hours continuous salt spray exposure, thereby helping to eliminate corrosion.

Countax B and C Series garden tractors have a single press rear body

Adjustable seat

All Westwood models feature an ergonomically designed, automotive style sliding seat for greater operator comfort and safety.

The seat can easily be adjusted using the fingertip control lever. An angled adjuster plate moves the operator down and closer to the pedals or up and further away.

The seat fitted to four-wheel drive models and the larger V Series tractors has armrests for additional comfort and support. The armrests fold to make getting on and off the tractor easy.

B and C Series garden tractors have a shaped steering wheel and sliding seat for easy access

Noise reduction

Low noise operation through good design, quality and specification

All Westwood products are designed to produce the lowest levels of noise. Not only does this make operating a Westwood more comfortable, it also ensures that our products fall within the levels issued by EU noise legislation.

Our tractors feature a double skinned bonnet which helps to reduce engine noise. Our unique cutting and collection system means that air disturbance from the cutting blades is minimised, further reducing unwanted sound.

Westwood garden tractors feature a range of noise reducing features

Deck height selection

Precisely control the height of cut

The lightweight deck height selector can be adjusted through nine incremental settings to provide a cutting height of 12mm to 101mm (dependent on type of deck).

The lever for the manual lift features a ‘trigger’ style locking system. The T Series and F Series tractors display the current height setting on the dashboard display.

Countax garden tractors use conveniently placed easy to use controls

Park brake

The Westwood park brake system is a cleverly designed safety feature. It prevents the tractor from starting unless the brake is engaged. This important safety device is fitted as standard on all Westwood models.

The park brake fitted to Countax garden tractors is an important safety feature

Hydrostatic transmission

The hydrostatic, foot-controlled transmission found on all Westwood tractors is smooth and responsive. It is as easy to operate as the controls on an automatic car.

One pedal controls forward speed. Press it further and your speed increases. Release it and you slow down. Take your foot off the pedal and the tractor comes to a complete stop. There is a separate reverse pedal which works in the same way.

On a Westwood, there are no gears or clutch pedals to worry about. The hydrostatic transmission is infinitely variable. This means that you have full control over the speed of the tractor at all times.

All Countax garden tractors feature silky smooth hydrostatic transmission

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WESTWOOD T40 Garden Tractor 2WD c/w 38" XRD Deck

WESTWOOD T40 Garden Tractor 2WD c/w 38" XRD Deck

Cutter Decks

97cm (38") XRD deck

The Countax XRD cutter deck is a heavy duty reinforced rear discharge deck

A tough, reinforced cutter deck designed to cut fully – even in wet weather

The Westwood XRD is a new generation cutter deck built on the same platform as our legendary Vector Flow system.

Unlike almost all other cutters available on the market, the XRD has three contra-rotating blades. This makes the deck highly efficient and it leaves almost no grass uncut. Clippings are thrown to the rear of the deck in to the path of the Powered Grass Collector.

The XRD is reinforced with a steel impact bar to protect it from the knocks and bumps of everyday use.

Features of a Westwood

We believe that a Westwood is the world’s most advanced garden tractor

Westwood garden tractors are more than just ride-on lawnmowers. Through a policy of continuous innovation today’s models include a wealth of special features designed to make them easy to use and extremely versatile.

Whether it’s the ergonomically designed seat, car-style steering wheel or silky smooth hydrostatic transmission a Westwood is intended to make cutting the grass a pleasure not a task.

Power take-off

Harness the power of your tractor’s engine to drive useful attachments

The Westwood garden tractor Power Take-off (PTO) enables a variety of powered attachments to be run by utilisng the power of the tractor’s engine.

T and F Series garden tractors feature a push-button controlled power take-off. V Series tractors have a manual engage system.

  • Electric power take-off
  • Manually engaged power take-off
All Countax garden tractors feature a power take-off for running accessories

Premium quality engines

Westwood only fit premium grade engines. Each one is selected for its durability, power, fuel economy and low noise operation.

Westwood fit Ariens, Briggs & Stratton and Kawasaki engines.

Engines fitted to Westwood tractors:

  • 546c Briggs & Stratton single cylinder engine
  • 500c Briggs & Stratton single cylinder engine
  • Kawasaki FS481V 603cc twin cylinder engine
  • Kawasaki FR541V 603cc twin cylinder engine
  • Kawasaki FR730V 726cc twin cylinder engine
Countax garden tractors are fitted with premium quality engines

Operating Management System (OMS)

OMS – a simple to use dashboard display

Every Westwood tractor is fitted with OMS, Westwood’s unique on-board computer. This system works independently from the main functions of the tractor, monitoring the engine, cutter deck and power take-off. It provides an ‘at-a-glance’ view of the operation of your machine – just like a car dashboard display.

Most Westwood tractors include low fuel warning and RPM counter. The RPM monitor on the electronic display indicates engine speed. If it falls below the optimum level when cutting dense grass, it is indicated on the dashboard, allowing you to raise the deck or reduce forward speed. This means the best possible cut for the conditions can be achieved.

Westwood Operating Management System

Easy-to-use controls

Westwood tractors are simple to operate and drive

All Westwood tractors have been designed to be easy to use. Controls and switches are positioned within easy reach of the operator and levers are engineered to be lightweight.

Controls and levers:

  • Power take-off
  • Lightweight deck lift
  • Park brake
  • Adjustable seat
  • Hydrostatic transmission

The following features are only available on the V Series

  • Electric lift and emptying of the Powered Grass Collector
  • Differential lock
Countax garden tractors use conveniently placed easy to use controls

Heavy-duty construction

Every Westwood tractor is built to professional standards

Parked side by side with a competitor machine, it’s clear that a Westwood is in a class of its own. It’s built to professional standards. A heavy-duty steel body, cast front axle (T Series only) and double-skinned bonnet ensure reliable performance over a very long working life.

Discover more about Westwood tractors:

  • Single pressed body
  • Cast front axle
  • Bullbar
  • Noise reduction
  • Paint
Countax garden tractors are built to last with a heavy duty steel body and cast axle

Four-wheel drive

Four-wheel drive enables a tractor to go and mow virtually anywhere

Our four-wheel drive system turns an F Series into a ‘go anywhere, mow anywhere’ garden tractor capable of tackling slopes, mud and rough terrain.

The system has unique features which set it apart from any other machine on the market:

  • 4TRAC Technology
  • Dynamic Traction Control
Countax B Series 4TRAC garden tractors four wheel drive features





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